Aquariums size 400 - 900 lit Pump Ultra Reef PSK 1200+ Air intake ~ 900 - 1000 lit/h Water intake ~ 1800 lit/h Power consumption ~ 28W Dimensions 21x27 cm (8.3x10.6”) Height 56 cm (22”)


To be installed in sump, water level 18-22 mm (7-8.6“) Standard power 230-240V 50Hz, on request 110-120V 60Hz

How it works

The Ultra Reef AKULA UKS  range of protein skimmers is a method of filtrationthat allows the

removal of  the surfactants from seawater. It pumps a mixture of aquarium water and air

bubbles into a mixing chamber. By exploiting the properties of the film surface tension

between air and water, it generates a foam overflowing from the main chamber, and then

into a collection cup which allows for easy removal.


Modern design and low power consumption

The internal pump design is the most compact solution you could have for your aquarium. The pump is housed directly inside the main chamber to reduce the lateral ingots. To access the pump just remove the locking screws and lift off the conical chamber. Skimmers water intake is direct, so it is not necessary to use a feed pump. This solution significantly reduces power consumption and maintenance time.

Particular attention to silence

The rubber feet absorb all annoying vibrations. To silence the suction of the air, the skimmer is complete of a built-in silenced muffler to absorb the noise produced by the venturi. The exhaust system is housed on the base and submerged to avoid any noise from the water returning to the system.

Performance and reliability with Ultra Reef PSK+ Plus skimming pumps

The new Ultra Reef PSK+ Plus needle wheel pump is exclusive to Ultra Reef. This is a dedicated model of the famous PSK pump and is produced for Ultra Reef by Sicce. It is designed to produce the best air and water emulsion through a needle wheel impellor. The transparent body allows pump inspection even during operation, while reinforced impellers allow superior performance and strength.

Easy adjustment, stable and accurate regulation

The conical body is made from cast acrylic designed to improve internal flow and create homogenous thrust throughout the entire body, the shaped diffusion cup improves the separation of air and water, ensuring excellent stability even from the first start. Internal level adjustment is carried out through a screw valve and the silencer has the added flexibility of an adjustment screw to set the maximum amount of air intake.

Innovative Easy-Flip gasket system

Collection cup and internal neck feature an "Easy Flip" seals for a firm grip and easy removal during maintenance. For ease of maintenance the neck of the cup can also be removed for easy cleaning.

Easy and thorough maintenance

Our product can be disassembled virtually in every single component. The generous thicknesses of the materials used ensure excellent resistance during all maintenance, while small component reduction facilitates cleaning and replacement of individual worn components.


Italian design and production

We perform all of the internal development of our products in house, from design to production. Our brand guarantees a deep and careful evaluation of the operation, both technically and aesthetically, thanks to the CNC machining of full blocks of PVC

ISO 9001 Quality certification

The goal of business excellence can be achieved only if production processes are continuously improved. Our company is certified and complies with the ISO 9001, the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for Quality Management Systems.

Viti anticorrosione in Titanio

Screws DIN7985 are made in Titanium G2, resistant to corrosion caused by seawater.To give the best even in smaller components.
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UKS Wrench

Special tool for UKS pumps. Makes the opening of the pump for maintenance easier and safer. It is not a necessary accessory for the use of the product.


Sold separately