Aquariums size < 500 lit Capacity ~ 3 lit Power consumption ~ 32 W Dimensions 15x22 cm (5.9x8.7”) Height 66 cm (25.9”)


Suggested to be installed in sump, but can be mounted outside. Standard power 230-240V 50Hz, on request 110-120V 60Hz Riquire CO2 vessel and pressure valve (not included)

How it works

The Ultra Reef UCS range of calcium reactor integrates and maintains the level of calcium and alkalinity within an aquarium. The reactor is filled with calcium-based media and continuously filled with aquarium water that flows out slowly. Using the CO2 provided by the connected vessel, it lowers the pH of the water that recirculate in its interior to the point of dissolution of the medium which slowly consumes and release carbonate and calcium ions (and other elements) constantly in the aquarium.


An efficient and economic integration system

Our calcium reactors are a simple and functional device for the maintenance of the values of calcium, magnesium and kh in marine reef aquariums. The lower perforated plate diffuses the flow of water, ensuring a constant and homogeneous recirculation in the chamber and in contained material. This solution reduces the risk of medium compaction and allows it to be exploited until exhaustion.

Modern design and smart pump positioning

The pump is housed on the bottom of the reactorr to reduce the lateral ingots. This solution significantly reduces power consumption and the risk of dry operation by preventing accumulation of carbon dioxide bubbles in pump housing. Pump submerged position prevent its harmful overheating while the reactor chamber remain raised by the water of the sump, preventing the heat generated by the melting process heating the aquarium water.

Strong and durable structure

Most of the reactor is made with PVC components machined from solid and bolted together. The absence of small moving parts gives the structure an excellent solidity. The covers use a system of silicone gaskets O-ring and are tighten by titanium screws, while the rapid connection fittings with O-ring seal allow quick and safe installation of discharge and load hoses.

Integrated CO2 recovery system

The recirculation pipe is installed in the upper part of the conical cover and performs the function of recovering CO2. This solution significantly reduces the consumption of carbon dioxide and limits the emission of the same in the aquarium.

Complete of connection hoses

Reactor is supplied complete ofwater load hose, water drain hose with regulation valve, CO2 load hose, bubble counter and pH probe attack.

Easy and thorough maintenance

Our product can be disassembled virtually in every single component. The generous thicknesses of the materials used ensure excellent resistance during all maintenance, while small component reduction facilitates cleaning and replacement of individual worn components.


Italian design and production

We perform all of the internal development of our products in house, from design to production. Our brand guarantees a deep and careful evaluation of the operation, both technically and aesthetically, thanks to the CNC machining of full blocks of PVC

ISO 9001 Quality certification

The goal of business excellence can be achieved only if production processes are continuously improved. Our company is certified and complies with the ISO 9001, the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for Quality Management Systems.

Viti anticorrosione in Titanio

Screws DIN7985 are made in Titanium G2, resistant to corrosion caused by seawater.To give the best even in smaller components.
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Connection hoses Ø6 mm

Wate load hoser, water discharge hose, ari vent hose and valve.

Deviazione tubazione Ø20 mm

This T-deviation allows you to intercept the return line between the aquarium and the sump to flow the calcium reactor. Complete of 6 mm rapid connection fitting.

Pump connection ½”

Threaded connection for water load with dedicated pump, complete of 6 mm rapid connection fitting.