Hole on glass 53 mm Glass thickness 0-24 mm Dimensions Ø9x8 cm (3.6x3.2”) Charge U-50/C Suggested pump 6500 lit/h Hose connection Ø25 mm Drain U-50/S Estimated flow 1000-1500 lit/h Hose connection Ø50 mm

How it works

The Ultra Reef U-40/U-50 range of charge and drain system allows the management of the interchange between an aquarium and the relative sump tank Aquarium up to 700 lit - 2x Drain U50/S, 1x Charge U50/C Aquarium up to 900 lit - 3x Drain U50/S, 2x Charge U50/C


Modular design

The modular system allows you to compose your own system using a single drilling diameter in the glass, making it possible to swap the charge and discharge at any time. In fact, our system uses the same diameter of pass-glass for both systems making it possible to subsequently add a further charge or drain without being bound by the original arrangement.

Withou glue

All components are assembled by means of threaded connectors and seals and can be completely disassembled to facilitate maintenance and avoid losses due to defective bonding. Moreover, having the thread made on the screwed components inside the tank, it will be possible to remove the system without having to move the aquarium if it is mounted close to a wall.

Triple O-ring sealing

Our system uses a sealing system made with 3 silicone O-ring gaskets. This solution allows waterproof sealing without the need to tighten the components, avoiding dangerous forces on the glass plate. Disassembly can be done by hand at any time and you will not have to use teflon tape or silicone paste to reassemble the system.

Charge technology

The charge system is equipped with nozzle on spherical support with adjustable attack which can be rotated and bent at will. The threaded connection is compatible with commercial nozzles and can be replaced with any fitting with thread 1/2" or 3/4” (according to size).

Drain technology

The drain system is equipped with removable grid to facilitate cleaning operations. The increased size of the grid help the flow of water ensuring flow rate and silent running. The grille is machined with side openings to prevent it from being completely occluded from flat objects.

Easy and thorough maintenance

Our product can be disassembled virtually in every single component. The generous thicknesses of the materials used ensure excellent resistance during all maintenance, while small component reduction facilitates cleaning and replacement of individual worn components.


Italian design and production

We perform all of the internal development of our products in house, from design to production. Our brand guarantees a deep and careful evaluation of the operation, both technically and aesthetically, thanks to the CNC machining of full blocks of PVC

ISO 9001 Quality certification

The goal of business excellence can be achieved only if production processes are continuously improved. Our company is certified and complies with the ISO 9001, the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for Quality Management Systems.

Viti anticorrosione in Titanio

Screws DIN7985 are made in Titanium G2, resistant to corrosion caused by seawater.To give the best even in smaller components.
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This flexible hose is our proposal to make a drain system as silent as possible. The soft material with which it is made reduces noise and vibrations while the hard plastic spiral allows reallocation of sweet curves without the hose becoming shrinking. Compatible with U-50/S Internal diameter Ø50 +0/-1 mm Lenght 2 mt


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