The Ultra Reef skimmer type AKULA UKS are a series of single-pump internal skimmer designed toto meet the filtration requirements of modern marine aquariums. High performance, design and quality enclosed in a compact and competitive product for small and medium aquariums.
UKD-200 For aquariums from 500 to 1500 lit


The Ultra Reef skimmer type TYPHOON UKS are a series of internal high performance skimmer designed for large aquarium management. They are powered by high capacity pumps and designed to handle large volumes of water with reduced power consumption.


Ultra Reef calcium reactor type UCS integrate and maintain the level of calcium and alkalinity within an aquarium. Extremely compact, silent and high performance are a valid solution for keeping marine aquariums with corals.



Ultra Reef zeolite reactor type UZ allows to use zeolite as reported by different management methods. The zeolite inside the reactor is crossed by water in the opposite direction to gravity and it can be shaken and mixed by acting on the upper lever.


Ultra Reef internal filter type UFF and UAF use an innovative cartridge system that allows removal and replacement of the filter material (resins, carbons, zeolite, algae, etc.) without having to remove the whole filter and load line from the sump.


Ultra Reef charge and drain system type U-40 and U-50 allows the management of the interchange between an aquarium and the relative technical tub. An innovative and modular solution that offer infinite composition, high performance  and silent running.
ULTRA REEF Italian technology since 1957 "ULTRA REEF" by Ultra Pompe S.r.l. - Via Goldoni 37, Trezzano sul Naviglio, 20090 (Milano - Italia) Partita IVA 00210510152 All information contained on this site are not binding and are subject to change without notice. UKD-250 For aquariums from 700 to 2000 lit UCS-180 For aquariums up to 1000 lit UCS-140 For aquariums up to 500 lit UZ-160 For aquariums up to 1000 lit UZ-120 For aquariums up to 500 lit UAF-003 For all aquariums UFF-006 For all aquariums UFF-003 For all aquariums U-50 (In & Out System) For all aquariums U-40 (In & Out System) For all aquariums Out of Stock T-50 (Out Hose) For all aquariums S-25 (In Hose) For all aquariums T-40 (Out Hose) For all aquariums S-20 (In Hose) For all aquariums Coming Soon


A reverse osmosis system specifically selected for marine aquariums. It allows to obtain high purity deionized water. To produce at home water to top up or salt water free of harmful substances that can contaminate the aquarium.
OSMO REEF 75 For all aquariums BASIC Kit Spare Parts for OSMO REEF 75 COMPLETE  Kit   Spare Parts for OSMO REEF 75 UKS-200 For aquariums from 400 to 900 lit UKS-160 For aquariums from 200 to 500 lit UKS-180 For aquariums from 300 to 700 lit PSK wrench For Akula skimmer