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Please send an email to Describe your problem and report following imformations:

Required information

1) Name and surname 2) Telephone number 3) Store where you purchased the product


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parts and consumables directly.

Access the Ultra Reef catalog on Amazon Service availability Service available only to customers residing in ITALY


Follow the online help guide to solve the most common problems. Available guides: UKS - Noisy skimmer UKS&UKD - Air bubble from skimmer UCS - Noisy calcium reactor


Assistance will respond within office hours within a reasonable time and only in the presence of all required information. For urgent or general information, contact the store where you purchased the product.

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Legal warranty (At the store)

Legal warranty is applied by the seller in accordance with Directive 1999/44/EC. The consumer will therefore always forward any request for action under warranty to the retailer and/or point of sale where has been purchased the product.

Producer warranty (At the manufacturer)

Ultre Reef product are guaranteed by the manufacturer against defects in material and workmanship. The warranty consists in the replacement of defective parts in accordance with the conditions listed here and may involve ancillary costs. The warranty of the products purchased for professional use (not domestic) must request to the dealer, installer or distributor from whom has been purchased the product.